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Zhejiang Huadong Amusement Appliance Co., Ltd.

[China] Inflatable castle

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Inflatable castle is a fun amusement facility has developed by our company more than 10 years, made by the strongest material. Which is suitable for amusement parks Since kids are unwilling to lag behind, brave in exploration, interested in unknown things and usually have a desire to excel it helps kids to realize their dreams by taking part in the challenging game.

Any more details, please contact us. More details on our website. Thanks!

Trademark: HUADONG
Model: HD-M039
Standard: CE
Productivity: 2 sets per week
Packing:batt and waterproof velum
Min. Order:one set
Transportation:by sea
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Katalog/Branche: Kinder -> Toys -> Inflatable


Zhejiang Huadong Amusement Appliance Co., Ltd.

Straße:Jilongyu Industrial Zone, Qiaoxia, Yongjia
Telefon: +86 577 67492789
Fax: +86 577 67492958


Name und Vorname: Elin Hua
Telefon: +86 577 67492789
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